Race Tales: Celebrating Ten Years of NASCAR Memories (2001)

Here, in its unedited entirety, is "Race Tales," a story I wrote in late 2001. On this page, you will find out more about my NASCAR fandom than you ever would care to know; it surprises me in hindsight! I have yet to revise it at all since then, but while I might update it later on, I felt the need to post it in the meantime. All 23 segments are included and presented to be read from top-to-bottom, including ten race reviews and the original side-notes written to aid its flow.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


NASCAR Winston Cup racing has brought with it many memories that I have enjoyed over the years. As I have grown and my surroundings have changed since that summer day in 1991, so too has NASCAR as a whole. I have seen the sport evolve from an obscure southern form of entertainment to a mainstream sporting event that has been recognized from coast to coast. While the sport’s outer appearance has changed with the times: new drivers, technological advancements, mainstream sponsors, and even new forms of broadcasting to name a few, much of Winston Cup racing has remained intact.

Now, as then, Winston Cup racing boasts spirited competition among drivers and pit crews race after race. This competition has always been the same as all drivers still dream of a trip to victory lane, even if they had been there before. It is this longevity of the sport, its ability to willingly adjust to the concerns of changing times while not losing sight of its original purpose, that has made Winston Cup racing a sport I have enjoyed week after week.
So, in conclusion, here’s to many more years of race tales:



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